Registration for Family Retreat at Conkers – Deadline 30th June

Our family retreat is on Saturday August 6th 2022 (whole day). The plan is to leave Loughborough early in the morning at 9.30am to return same day at 7pm. We will be using the church bus and additional vehicles if necessary. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION is 30th June, 2022

We will be going to Conkers and have planned a full day of activities for parents and children. Don’t worry, they’ll also be time to rest and relax.😁
*£9.05 per adult
£34.95 for family of 2 adults and 2 children.

If you would be joining us on the church day out please: Please go to and buy your tickets for the day.

As soon as you have bought your tickets, please complete the form: (takes less than 2 minutes). This will help us to know how many people are joining us for the trip.

Church bus will be available and people can also come in their cars.

There is free parking at venue.

For more details , please contact Dr Deji Akiwowo

Looking forward to seeing you.

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