My testimony today : I want to appreciate God for His goodness and mercies and abundant grace upon my life. He has been ever so faithful with my life and even my family. Thank you Lord for granting me the desire of my heart : first of all for years I struggled to get a passport and He gave it to me what I thought was impossible He made it possible and enabled me to travel to Africa both Zimbabwe and Malawi in this pandemic period what a great God He is. I could go on and on bt I will jst say glory to His precious name for journey mercies. Hallelujah Amen

Mummy E Thanksgiving

We want to thank God for keeping us alive to witness our 2nd year wedding anniversary and also thank God for adding another year to my wife. May His name be praise

Mr/Mrs Ime Usen. Wedding Anniversary

"I have a medical challenge since September last year 2020. I was bleeding and when I went to the hospital, the gynaecologist I saw said she doesn't know what is the cause of the bleeding, from all test and scan carried out I was fine according to the result. she recommends some medications to slow it down and help with my tiredness. Have been on this medication for awhile. My Gp made an appointment for me to see another gynaecologist because i was tired of this situation. I called pastor and told him about it, he prayed with me and afterwards check up on me. Then he called me on this day and asked how is everything I told him is the same thing, he said he will put me in prayers. On Saturday the 30th the bleeding stopped, I couldn't believe it " it took me this long to testify" because I wanted to be sure it has completely stopped. wait to see if it will still come but it hasn't. I gave God all the glory for remembering me and taking my infirmity away and i know my miracle is permanent in jesus name. Secondly I thank God for my husband, he got a promotion at is place of work and lastly for adding a year to my son. Thank you Jesus."

Sis E Healing

During my shift last Friday I walked on to a slippery floor, and I fell while I was trying to maintain a balance. I thank God it was not more than just a fall, because it could have resulted in something more serious while could have an impact on finances.

Lolu O Mercy